Meyer Lemon Tree

Last April I decided to try my hand at growing a dwarf citrus tree. After some research I settled on a meyer lemon tree because it is allegedly one of the easiest citrus trees to grow. Growing anything takes patience, but growing a fruit tree takes that to an entirely new level. Months of work, experimenting with different fertilizers and watering schedules the flower buds turned into little green fruit. Fast forward to December and I have 9 lemons read to pick.

Now the ultimate question, what to do with said lemons. Again the internet has tons of suggestions, mostly in the jellies and lemon cello realms. We’re not big drinkers so I quickly settled in to find a lemon preserves recipe. I ended up making this recipe from Serious Eats.


The end result was lemony goodness…but it is a little too sweet. The recipe references crystalized ginger but doesn’t give a measurement, I just chopped up a few tablespoons and added it to the mix. I’ve got four lemons left, not sure what I am going to do with them but I am trying to find recipes that will utilize the whole lemon, peel and all.



Rooftop Garden version 2.0

Rooftop Garden version 2.0

Got a little more serious about gardening this year. Started almost everything from seed, all non-gmo, heirloom varieties. Lineup includes 4 types of tomatoes, 2 types of jalapenos, bell peppers, strawberries, cucumbers, serrano peppers, red romaine, and a bunch of herbs. Made a bunch of self-watering containers. So far, so good!

Self-watering container DIY instructions 

Confessions of a failed rooftop gardner

So the word failed may be a bit harsher than the reality of my adventure in rooftop gardening.  Also calling it a “garden” may be a stretch, but regardless, I call it such as there are multiple plants of multiple varieties.  Semantics.

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Go-To Meal #5 —Summer Sandwich

So turns out keeping up with a blog is a lot of work. Two posts, months apart, with the same basic message…win? Anyway, I am terrible with grammar and punctuation, but realize that by having a blog I have an obligation to make sure my posts are as good as they can be. Pressure. I’m also underwhelmed by blogger/blogspot, there have been times where it has taken me more time to format the post than it did to write it. So there are my water tight excuses. I think they are pretty legit.

Now to the post. I made cupcakes yesterday. They didn’t taste amazing, and I didn’t really alter the recipe so I am not going to write a post about them, but I flexed my decorating skills and figured I’d share them on the Facebook page. While I was uploading the pictures I noticed that I had a few pictures for posts ready to go, and figured that might be a great way to ease into writing a post or two.I realize that for a good portion of our readership a “summer sandwich” is coming a little late to the summer, but technically it is still summer for a few days so there it is, don’t like it? Well then chances are you didn’t read this far anyway.

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Power Blueberry Muffins

Muffins. Funny word.I’m a big fan of muffins, but not of how awful they are for you. I know, I am all over the place, posting the recipe for cookie cake pie while condemning a perfectly innocent, also delicious, breakfast food. Although I’d like to cater to my audience (cookie cake pie has the most hits), we can’t survive on white flour and sugar alone.So I set out to make a healthy muffin. What resulted wasn’t inedible, it just ended up as a blueberry loaf that tasted okay after one bite, but went drastically down hill from there. I adjusted some ratios from the recipe and ended up with a pretty great muffin.

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Roll Up (Part 1)

So here we are in beautiful Cape Cod, enjoying a vacation away from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles.  While we are here, my mom insisted on teaching me how to make her pie crust and roll up, because she was sick of being made fun of on the blog.  What resulted was the epitome of cooking with your mother, lots of butter and sugar, no real clear cut measurements, and cooking times that changed on the fly.  I wasn’t planning on posting this video, but it was too hysterical not to share.  Thanks to videographer / editor extraordinaire Matt Jones and photographer Jordan Finley!!

Also take off your white wig and stop judging the utter disrepair that is our kitchen.  We had just finished making dinner and sometimes I’m like a tornado in the kitchen, and well, that generates a lot of dishes.

Wedge Salad (cuz I’m feeling uppity!)

I’m typically not an advocate of iceberg lettuce.  I think I was scarred as a child by getting giant chunks of the core in bad school lunch salad. If I am going to make a traditional salad (which is rare) I typically go for romaine or baby spinach. After all, I’ve always been told the darker the green, the more nutritional value. (I also grew up pronouncing crooked as crookerd, so you’d probably do well to research that before quoting me at your next dinner party.)  

So I will buy and eat iceberg lettuce if it’s in a wedge salad, but that is pretty much its only use in my book. In my previous life as a meat eater, wedge salad was mainly a vehicle to ingest as much blue cheese dressing and bacon as possible, typically to get my arteries ready for a giant slab of red meat. Since I’ve reformed and realized that we only get one body, so we best treat it right, I’ve tweaked the idea of a wedge salad.  End result is a healthy salad, that through the magic of greek yogurt, has enough protein to stand alone as a meal. 

Also, I use fake bacon in this recipe.  Processed food is processed food, even if it is vegetarian. I know some food purists don’t go for the fake meat products, all the power to them. I try to avoid processed fake meat, but sometimes I’ll eat it, in moderation. If the idea of using fake bacon makes your stomach turn, then you can skip it.  In fact, I am a giant advocate of skipping everything that makes your stomach turn.